What Is Banner?
Banner is the student information system used by Loyalist College.

How Do I Access Banner?
Banner is accessible via,
To review a detailed guide to accessing Banner, click here.

Username and Password
Username: firstnamelastname
Password: your birth date YYMMDD

John Smith, birth date October 20, 1985
Username: johnsmith
Password: 851020

What Can I Access?
• access and print your transcript
• access your grades
• review accounts receivable activity
• view and change your address, phone number and email
• update and create emergency contact information
• print your T2202a tax form

Where Do I Get Help?
Technical Assistance
Call: (613)969-1913, ext. 2420 or 1(888)LOYALIST (1-888-569-2547)
In Person: Room 2H4

Registration Assistance
Call: (613)969-7900 or 1(866)344-9944
In Person: Room 2H1

Accounting Inquiries
Call: (613)969-1913, ext. 2223 or 2422 or 1(888)LOYALIST
In Person: Room 2H1