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Developmental Services Worker Apprenticeship CertificateOFFERED ONLINE

Interested in Learning more about a DSW Apprenticeship:
Apprenticeship Requirements
How to Become an Apprentice
Apprenticeship Offices
Completed your Apprenticeship Courses? – Request your Certificate from the Ministry

View the General Questions/Concerns about the DSW Online courses
View the Important Dates
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For more information, contact cedsw@loyalistcollege.com


A developmental services worker (DSW) supports people who have a physical and/or developmental disability to enhance their capacity to participate in all aspects of community living, and supports the full inclusion of Ontarians with developmental disabilities in society.


The apprenticeship program is for people interested in completing the Developmental Services Worker certificate while working in the field. The Developmental Services Worker certificate program allows the student flexibility to take courses without the requirement of classroom attendance.

In order to take courses in the apprenticeship program, the student must have an employer that is willing to sponsor them as a DSW apprentice, and enter into an apprenticeship training agreement with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD). Students are only eligible to take courses after registering with MLTSD.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a Developmental Services Worker Certificate of Apprenticeship from the MLTSD. Those who complete the apprenticeship certificate program are encouraged to continue their studies to obtain the Developmental Services Worker Diploma. Bridging to the DSW diploma requires the completion of additional courses through distance and a placement. Further details will be provided as you continue through the program.

Registration for DSW Apprenticeship:

Once you have received an invitation email, we are hoping that this will ease the registration process for you as you are able to register online by clicking the links below.

Please Note: Those who register and do not have proof of the invitation email from Loyalist College, CEDSW will be removed from courses without notice. Please contact us at cedsw@loyalistcollege.com with any questions.

If you are not able to register online you may email cereg@loyalistcollege.com, or call 1-866-344-9944 to register between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday.

IMPORTANT FOR ALL Registrations:
Please refer to "Important Dates" link above for semester start/end dates
Please follow the instructions that were in the invitation email from cedsw@loyalistcollege.com
You must follow the order of courses noted in the Student Handbook or in the Community Hub Courses listed in the links for registration are not in the order of completion
IMPORTANT – ALL Apprentices are responsible to track their courses and success in the program, look at your unofficial transcript in Banner, “How to” noted in your Student Handbook
Consider course hours so you do not overload yourself: the Loyalist DSW Program Coordinator has the right to remove students from courses if they are not eligible, you must not skip over courses when registering
Ensure you self-enroll in the DSW Apprenticeship Community Hub if you have not already done so, contact cedsw@loyalistcollege.com if you have any questions
Go to the “Get started in your DSW Apprenticeship course(s) here” link below once you have registered. Login access to “My Loyalist” takes 24-48 hours after payment is received. Courses will be available in Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) on the course start date

The following courses are currently available and listed in alpha order below by course code.

DSWP 7081

Community Building

DSWP 7075

Intervention Strategies

DSWP 7077

Responding to Abuse

DSWP 7082


DSWP 7071

Developmental Disabilities***

DSWP 7072

Philosophy of Support

DSWP 7078

Health and Wellness

DSWP 7076

Teaching Strategies

DSWP 7080

Dual Diagnosis***

DSWP 7074

Person Directed Plans

DSWP 7073

Social Services

DSWP 7079