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Child Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Certificate OFFERED ONLINE

Registration for CDP Apprenticeship courses will be by Loyalist College contact only.

This means that students will not be able to register for courses on this website.

To access a list of contact information for your local MAESD Apprenticeship offices, click here

View your: Student Handbook Levels A-F
View the: Important Dates
View the: Exam Process


The apprenticeship program is for people interested in completing the Child Development Practitioner certificate while working in the field.

The Child Development Practitioner Certificate (ECEM) program allows the student flexibility and interactive learning without the requirement of classroom attendance. This program is delivered via distance. Course outline, schedule, lessons, assessments and web links are posted on Blackboard in each individual course. Placements are arranged by the student in their Ontario community and approved by Loyalist College. There is no requirement to attend our Belleville campus. Any invigilated tests can be done at a local testing centre.

This CDP certificate can lead to the Early Childhood Education diploma, which prepares you to work with children either individually or within groups. Graduates work as early childhood educators in settings that include full-day early learning kindergarten programs, child care centres, nursery schools, private home child care, live in/out nanny, resource centres, cruise ships and resorts.


Apprenticeship students are required to have a valid Client Identification Number from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MAESD). To register with the Ministry, please call 1-800-387-5656 or visit www.ontario.ca/page/start-apprenticeship for information.


Criminal Record Check: In order to participate in placements, students are required to produce a clean criminal record check, including the screening for vulnerable populations, by their local police service. If you have been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code for which you have not been pardoned, you may be ineligible for placements.

Health, CPR and First Aid:

Students are also required to have a valid Standard First Aid, CPR Level “C” and negative TB screening and covid vaccine following the Loyalist College Policy


Completion of College Writing Skills and three approved General Education courses – see Student Handbook for details

Students must achieve a minimum of 50% in all courses and a Pass in all placements to obtain this certificate, all recorded on Loyalist transcript

Students must obtain a GPA of 60% of higher to obtain this certificate

Students have seven years to complete the program requirements

Copy of your Standard First Aid and CPR Level “C”

Copy of your signed CDP certificate

Level A
CDPA 7000RS 61Child Development 1
CDPA 7003RS 60Health, Safety and Nutrition
CDPA 7001RS 63Foundations of Early Learning Environment
CDPA 7002RS 64 Foundations of Early Learning Environment Placement – 42 hours
Level B
CDPB 7003RS 62Creative Expression
CDPB 7002RS 75Philosophies and Education Models for ECE
CDPB 7000RS 66Preschool Learning Environment 1
CDPB 7001RS 67 Preschool Learning Environment 1 Placement – 72 hours
Level C
CDPC 7003RS 72Interpersonal Communication
CDPC 7002RS 71Inclusive Practice and Advocacy
CDPC 7000RS 73Infant and Toddler Learning Environment
CDPC 7001RS 74Infant and Toddler Learning Environment Placement – 54 hours
Level D
CDPD 7000RS 76Preschool Learning Environment 2
CDPD 7001RS 77Preschool Learning Environment 2 Placement – 78 hours
CDPD 7002RS 78Child, Family and Community
CDPD 7003RS 65Child Development 2
Level E
CDPE 7003RS 70Child Protection
CDPE 7001RS 68School Age Learning Environment
CDPE 7002RS 69School Age Learning Environment Placement – 39 hours
CDPE 7004RS 80Child Development 3: Inclusion of Children with Exceptionalities
CDPE 7000RS 79Legislation and Social Policy in Early Learning Administration
Level F
CDPF 7000RS 70Professional Practice
CDPF 7001RS 70Advanced Placement – 96 hours
Please note:
Important dates apply to registration, withdraw with a refund and withdraw without academic penalty
Courses are delivered online through Blackboard 9
Registration is directed by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
Courses can fill up prior to the end of the registration period
There may be additional costs related to placement for which the student will be responsible
ECE Diploma graduates must apply with the College of Early Childhood Educators to become a Registered ECE
Requirements for invigilated tests can be done at an approved site
For more information, contact 613-969-1913 or 1-888-569-2547 ext. 2393, ceece@loyalistcollege.com

The following courses are currently available and listed in alpha order below by course code.

CDPB 7000

Preschool Learning Environment 1

CDPB 7001

Preschool Learning Environment 1 Placement

CDPB 7002

Philosophies and Education Models for ECE

CDPB 7003

Creative Expression

CDPC 7000

Infant and Toddler Learning Environment

CDPC 7001

Infant and Toddler Learning Environment Placement

CDPC 7002

Inclusive Practice and Advocacy

CDPC 7003

Interpersonal Communication

CDPD 7000

Preschool Learning Environment 2

CDPD 7001

Preschool Learning Environment 2 Placement

CDPD 7002

Child, Family and Community

CDPD 7003

Child Development 2

CDPE 7000

Legislation and Social Policy in Early Learning Administration

CDPE 7001

School Age Learning Environment

CDPE 7002

School Age Learning Environment Placement

CDPE 7003

Child Protection

CDPE 7004

Child Development 3: Inclusion of Children with Exceptionalities

CDPF 7000

Professional Practice

CDPF 7001

Advanced Placement