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Facilitator of Adult Learning CertificateOFFERED ONLINE
Loyalist College Certificate

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The Facilitator of Adult Learning Certificate Program expands opportunities for those involved in all areas of teaching or training and those interested in teaching. The program has both practical and theoretical components, so that the learner has the opportunity to experience a variety of learning contexts, methodologies, and practicalities involved in the assessment, planning, development, delivery and evaluation of adult education programs.

Faculty in continuing education programs at colleges
Part-time post-secondary faculty
Seasoned teachers of adults who have no formal training in education
Individuals in staff training and development positions in industry who plan, administer and deliver training and education to adults in the workplace
Those who facilitate adult learning in non-profit organizations
Facilitators of adult learning in secondary school settings

The minimum requirements for admission to any post-secondary program is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma or the equivalent, with credits at the college or general level, or mature student status as defined.

Applicants who are 19 years of age on the first day of classes in the year of admission, and who do not have an OSSD, are considered as mature applicants. Such applicants must complete the required subjects for admission. If they lack the required subjects, they may be requested to write a diagnostic test.
NOTE: Applicants who are not Canadian citizens or who do not have permanent residence status are not considered under this clause.

This program is not currently eligible to receive OSAP funding.

To learn more about what other funding opportunities may be available, please visit Loyalist’s Financial Assistance Office by Clicking Here

FALP 8000Introduction to Adult Education
FALP 8001Teaching/Learning Strategies
FALP 8014Instructional Technology in Adult Education
FALP 8035Program Planning, Evaluation & Practicum
FALP 8002Group Learning & Team Development
FALP 8004Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities
FALP 8005Current Issues in Adult Education
FALP 8044Assessment and Evaluation
Please note:
Courses are listed above in the recommended order of completion
Students must obtain a grade of 50% or higher to pass each course
Students must obtain a G.P.A. of 60% or higher to obtain this certificate
Students have seven years to complete the certificate requirements
Courses may not be available every semester while others may have regular monthly intakes
For more information, contact 613-969-1913 or 1-888-569-2547 ext. 2185, distance@loyalistcollege.com

The following courses are currently available and listed in alpha order below by course code.

FALP 8000

Introduction to Adult Education

FALP 8001

Teaching/Learning Strategies

FALP 8004

Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities

FALP 8014

Instructional Technology in Adult Education

FALP 8035

Program Planning, Evaluation & Practicum

FALP 8044

Assessment and Evaluation