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Office Administration - Health Services DiplomaOFFERED ONLINE
Ontario College Diploma

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Skilled office support is vital for success in today’s medical office environment. This program provides the theoretical knowledge and training for employmentin a wide variety of medical office administration positions in various medical environments, including clinics, hospitalsand medical offices. The program of study focuses on communication skills in the medical environment, problem-solving skills, data management, invoicing and OHIP billing, transcription, office procedures and production.

This program has changed. Students who began the program prior to Fall 2016 would complete the OLD program: Office Administration: Medical Diploma

For OSAP Information, call 613-969-1913 ext. 2425

Please view and retain a copy of the current STUDENT HANDBOOK by Clicking Here

The minimum requirements for admission to any post-secondary program is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma or the equivalent, with credits at the college or general level, or mature student status as defined.

Applicants who are 19 years of age on the first day of classes in the year of admission, and who do not have an OSSD, are considered as mature applicants. Such applicants must complete the required subjects for admission. If they lack the required subjects, they may be requested to write a diagnostic test.
NOTE: Applicants who are not Canadian citizens or who do not have permanent residence status are not considered under this clause.

This program is OSAP eligible.

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HLTH 8007Medical Terminology
HLTH 8054Working & Communicating in a Medical Setting
COMP 8155Introduction to Computers 1
MATH 8002Business Mathematics
COMM 8010Communications: Grammar and Writing
BUSI 8091Critical & Creative Thinking
HLTH 8132Medical Keyboarding
COMP 8517/8535Word Core
HLTH 8030/8528Medical Conditions for Medical Office Professionals
HLTH 8029/8527Pharmacology for Medical Office Professionals
HLTH 8107Medical Office Procedures
HLTH 8118Medical OHIP Billing
HLTH 8153Medical Transcription Styles & Practices
HLTH 8154Medical Transcription Fundamentals
COMP 8156Introduction to Computers 2
HLTH 8032Understanding Medical Tests
HLTH 8103Essentials in Health Records Management
HLTH 8067Medical Terminology Level 2-Pronunciation
ACCT 8003Financial Accounting 1
BUSI 8055Building & Maintaining Customer Relationships
HLTH 8130Beginning Medical Transcription
HLTH 8131Advanced Medical Transcription
COMM 8001 Communications
ACCT 8005/8019Accounting Applications
HLTH 8033Understanding Surgical Procedures
BUSI 8134Occupational Health & Safety
POLI 8013Intercultural Communications
BUSI 8185Ethical Issues in Business
Plus THREEGeneral Education courses
Please note:
This program has changed. Students who began the program prior to Fall 2016 would complete the OLD program Office Administration: Medical Diploma
Courses are listed above in the recommended order of completion
Students must obtain a G.P.A. of 60% or higher to obtain this diploma
Please refer to Student Handbook for order of program and program requirements
Students have seven years to complete the diploma requirements
Courses may not be available every semester while others may have regular monthly intakes
For more information, contact 613-969-1913 or 1-888-569-2547 ext. 2185, distance@loyalistcollege.com

The following courses are currently available and listed in alpha order below by course code.

ACCT 8003

Financial Accounting 1

ACCT 8019

Accounting Applications

BUSI 8055

Building & Maintaining Customer Relationships

BUSI 8091

Critical & Creative Thinking

BUSI 8134

Occupational Health & Safety

BUSI 8185

Ethical Issues in Business

COMM 8001


COMM 8010

Communications: Grammar & Writing

COMP 8155

Introduction to Computers 1

COMP 8156

Introduction to Computers 2

COMP 8535

Word Core

HLTH 8007

Medical Terminology

HLTH 8032

Understanding Medical Tests

HLTH 8033

Understanding Surgical Procedures

HLTH 8054

Working & Communicating in a Medical Setting

HLTH 8067

Medical Terminology Level 2 - Pronunciation

HLTH 8103

Essentials in Health Records Management

HLTH 8107

Medical Office Procedures

HLTH 8118

Medical OHIP Billing

HLTH 8130

Beginning Medical Transcription

HLTH 8131

Advanced Medical Transcription

HLTH 8132

Medical Keyboarding

HLTH 8153

Medical Transcription Styles & Practices

HLTH 8154

Medical Transcription Fundamentals

HLTH 8527

Pharmacology for Medical Office Professionals

HLTH 8528

Medical Conditions for Medical Office Professionals

MATH 8002

Business Mathematics

POLI 8013

Intercultural Communications