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Palliative Care CertificateOFFERED ONLINE
Loyalist College Certificate

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Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be involved with caring for the terminally ill and their families. This program benefits RPNs, orderlies, PSWs, volunteers and clergy. With an emphasis on quality of remaining life, learn to provide empathetic and sensitive care, review the concepts of palliative care, hospice and home care versus institutional care, and more.


The minimum requirements for admission to any post-secondary program is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma or the equivalent, with credits at the college or general level, or mature student status as defined.

Applicants who are 19 years of age on the first day of classes in the year of admission, and who do not have an OSSD, are considered as mature applicants. Such applicants must complete the required subjects for admission. If they lack the required subjects, they may be requested to write a diagnostic test.
NOTE: Applicants who are not Canadian citizens or who do not have permanent residence status are not considered under this clause.
All applicants must be aware of the basic health requirements for employment, volunteering and field placement
Students must complete all five courses listed prior to doing field placement. Contact the Program Coordinator to make field placement arrangements

It is mandatory that Orientation to Palliative Care be the initial course taken in this certificate for those without a health care background.
HLTH 8040Orientation to Palliative Care
HLTH 8163Palliative Care Communications
HLTH 8165Ethical, Legal and Spiritual Concerns
HLTH 8164Comfort Measures
HLTH 8167Psychological and Social Implications
HLTH 8168Palliative Care Field Placement
Please note:
Courses are listed above in the recommended order of completion
Students must obtain a grade of 50% or higher to pass each course
Students must obtain a G.P.A. of 60% or higher to obtain this certificate
Students have seven years to complete the certificate requirements
Courses may not be available every semester
Students are responsible for costs incurred to meet placement requirements travel, expenses and parking fees
For more information, contact 613-332-1743 or 1-877-309-0317 ext. 0, info@loyalistcbancroft.on.ca

The following courses are currently available and listed in alpha order below by course code.

HLTH 8164

Comfort Measures

HLTH 8040

Orientation to Palliative Care

HLTH 8167

Psychological and Social Implications

HLTH 8163

Palliative Care Communications

HLTH 8165

Ethical/Legal and Spiritual Concerns