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Giving Coaching Feedback using PAF (Performance, Analysis and Feedback)

Welcome to PAF (Performance Analysis and Feedback) training where you will learn how to banish any fear or anxiety with talking to employees about “how they are doing” and instead gain a whole new level of expertise to successfully fulfill your critical supervisory responsibility to manage performance using win/win/win feedback and coaching. PAF enables you to do this because it provides a new and simple to follow formula that makes it easy for you to validate what you “know” in your head about an employee’s performance and then translate it into exactly WHAT to say and exactly HOW to say it. You will be able to confidently deliver and discuss even the most daunting performance issues in a way that the person understands and accepts while achieving desired outcomes and keeping your relationship intact.

Delivery: Four-hours of self-study online and a live follow-up coaching session on Zoom(4-hours).
Pariticipants will have 2-weeks to complete the self-study with the live coaching session on the last day. See dates below.

Participants will need access to a computer that has a video camera, microphone and speakers as well as a solid and reliable internet connection.

Register at least one week prior to the start date

A confirmation email will be sent to the email you use when registering a few days after you have registered. Please check spam/junk folders.


Giving Coaching Feedback using PAF (Performance, Analysis and Feedback)




JAN 04-JAN 17

Con Ed TBA

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