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Important Dates
Login Instructions
Course Evaluations
Academic Policies
Important Contacts

Important Dates

Check below for important dates for your courses.

OntarioLearn Courses

All dates below offer a general guideline. Always review your course description for specific course start and end dates.

Start Date

End Date

Registration Deadline

Withdrawal Deadline

Withdrawal Deadline
(No Penalty)

Winter 2024

Jan 16

Apr 23

Jan 30

Jan 30

Mar 18

Feb MI*

Feb 1

May 9

Feb 8

Feb 15

Apr 8

Mar MI*

Mar 1

Jun 7

Mar 8

Mar 15

May 6

Apr MI*

Apr 1

Jul 8

Apr 9

Apr 15

Jun 3

Spring 2024

May 14

Aug 20

May 28

May 28

Jul 25

Jun MI*

Jun 3

Sep 9

Jun 10

Jun 17

Aug 12

Jul MI*

Jul 2

Oct 8

Jul 9

Jul 16

Sep 12

Aug MI*

Aug 1

Nov 7

Aug 9

Aug 15

Oct 10

Fall 2024

Sep 10

Dec 17

Sep 24

Sep 24

Nov 22

Oct MI*

Oct 1

Jan 7

Oct 8

Oct 15

Dec 6

Nov MI*

Nov 1

Feb 7

Nov 8

Nov 15

Jan 10

Dec MI*

Dec 2

Mar 10

Dec 9

Dec 16

Feb 7

*Monthly Intake

DSW and ECE Courses

DSW and ECE programs each follow their own unique schedule.
See important dates for each program below.

Developmental Services Worker Apprenticeship Certificate: Important Dates

Developmental Services Worker Diploma: Important Dates

Early Childhood Education Diploma: Important Dates.

Child Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Certificate:
Important Dates Levels A-F

Login Instructions

Students completing online studies with Loyalist College Distance Education access their courses through the OntarioLearn by following the steps below.

For OntarioLearn and General Education courses, follow the steps below. To access ECE and DSW courses, refer to your program handbooks.

***Please note: You will not have access to your course until the course start date.***

1. Visit myLoyalist and login to the Loyalist Student Portal using the steps found here.
2.Select the Mail icon from your "MyApps" section.
3.Locate the email entitled “Your OntarioLearn Log in Details.” Review your password and the instructions in order to follow the link to the portal.
4. On the log in page, enter your Loyalist College email in the “College Email or Username” field and the temporary password provided via email. Click “Start a Session” to log in. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to create a new password.

To review the detailed login guide, click here.
HTML tutorial


This icon indicates the course requires a textbook. Textbooks are not included in the course fee.

Order your textbooks online:
• Go to https://www.bkstr.com/loyaliststore/home
• Choose Shop
• Choose Textbooks
• Choose Find Your Textbooks
• Select Your Term: Select the term of your course
• Select Your Division: Ontario Learn, CDP Apprenticeship, ECE Distance, DSW Distance/Apprenticeship (GenEd textbooks are under Ontario Learn)
• Select Your Department: CRN or Program Code
• Select Your Course: Choose the CRN for your course
• Select Your Section: 01
• Click Submit
• Select Add to Cart and Add Another Course
• Select Add to Cart and Go to Cart

Please contact the Loyalist College Bookstore for textbook information.
Have your course CRN available. 613-969-1913 ext. 2218 or bstore@loyalistcollege.com


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, there will be no in-person exams for OntarioLearn Semester and Monthly Intake courses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen McKeown at kmckeown@loyalistcollege.com.


Each semester students will have the opportunity to complete an on-line course evaluation questionnaire. The responses will be used to ensure continuous improvement in administrative practices, academic delivery to students and to maintain high standards in the delivery of courses.

Student responses will be anonymous.

Academic Policies

Students that register for online courses through Loyalist are subject to the College’s policies. Review Academic Policies in full at www.loyalistcollege.com

Important Contacts

For a list of important contacts for OntarioLearn, ECE, and DSW courses, please click here.